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How to form a Pvt. Ltd. company in India ?

How to form your own private limited company in India?

(As per Companies Act, 2013)

For some people the process of forming a company can seem no less than a nightmare, so many of them spend their nights pondering upon the correct way of forming a company or wondering as to how a company is actually formed instead of having a sound sleep.

Worry no more as the Corporate Wizard is here to do the magic for you with her magic recipe for forming a company.

What to do after incorporation?

Now that you must have digested the first recipe, it’s time that you should start cooking the next one. Well, most of the people I have come across uptil now tend to be clueless about the compliances which are required to be followed after the incorporation of a company.

But, you don’t have to be clueless as the Corporate Wizard is here to do the magic. Now sit back and enjoy.

INGREDIENTS (What you need to follow the compliances):

Nothing ! – What a relief, isn’t it….??

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Ripple is a Company Secretary and is currently working as a Legal Associate with Burgeon Bizsupport LLP. She has an experience of more than two years in the field of corporate laws and compliance management. Being actively involved in the startup ecosystem, she has also developed expertise over drafting, vetting and finalization of various commercial agreements.

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